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Run For Education

Ahmet Uysal… TEGV’s volunteer and inspiring donor. . .his voice was heard throughout Turkey as the first Turk to run in a marathon at the North Pole. Uysal ran the marathon to raise funds for the TEGV Pervari Educational Unit, and ended up raising enough money to support 1600 children with qualified educational support, an amount that far exceeded his goal. Now he is back with us with a new and exciting project!

Ahmet Uysal will run from one end of Turkey to the other to fulfill our children’s dreams of education. He will traverse all of Anatolia from Artvin to Mugla in 46 days. He will share new stories and memories that will shine with TEGV’s educational flame. At the same time he will call on his social media followers to donate so that our children can access the education they need. Uysal’s aim is for 5,000 children to get qualified educational support as a result of this earnest, sincere, and tiring project.
You too can use this site to support Ahmet Uysal’s charitable world and add your steps to his!


North Pole Marathon &
Pervari Visit

Uysal had sent word through his social media account that he is going to run to raise funds for 1 year of TEGV’s educational activities in Pervari. His aim was to pay for one year’s educational activities for 800 children at the foundation’s Pervari unit. With this marathon, at which he earned the accolade ‘first Turk to run at the North Pole’, he raised a total of 181,000 Turkish Liras, enough for not one but two years of education.

Afterward, he met with our children while visiting the Siirt Pervari Educational Unit!

Who is Ahmet Uysal?

Ahmet H. Uysal was born in Adana in 1972. He attended Ismet Inonu Elementry School, and then the Istanbul American Robert College for high school. He has a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and a Master’s in Finance from Boston College. After working in the United States as an engineer for a few years on projects such as the cleanup and confinement of the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, he returned to his homeland Turkey. He has lived in Istanbul since 2000, and has been an investor and entrepreneur in various business sectors. He is married and has two children. His dreams, love of children, and love of education have brought him into contact with TEGV. He carried the TEGV flag for the Siirt Pervari unit to the North Pole as the first Turkish participant in the North Pole Marathon in 2017.
In April 2018, he will run the breadth of Anatolia, from Artvin to Göcek.

Live Tracking

Day: 03.10.2022 Time: 02:05:23
Altitude: 874 m.Temperature: 13.92°C
Wind Speed: 2.22Total Km.: 1645

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